We provide comprehensive plumbing and drainage services. As a team, we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of pipework installations and repairs, ensuring a professional and impressive finish.

We deal with all types of plumbing installations, including stainless-steel, copper and plastic (ABS and PVC).

We-Fix provide a different level of plumbing service for our clients. 

We-Fix provide a specialist commercial plumbing and drainage service for corporate offices, high-end residential, restaurants, theatres, sporting facilities, schools, colleges, universities and hospitals. We work closely with facilities management and building management companies where our specialised work can be hugely impactful. 

We-Fix provides comprehensive plumbing and drainage services. If you have an emergency, we can get to you as promptly as possible to minimise any time lost in the premises. We cover all aspects of drain blockages, repairs inspection and maintenance.

  • Pipe fitting types:
    • Stainless Steel (welded or press fit)
    • Carbon Steel (welded or threaded)
    • Copper (soldered, brazed, press fit or compression)
    • Plastic (ABS or PVC)
  • Plumbing Services:
    • Site Surveys
    • Drawing Reviews
    • 3D Modelling Designs
    • Supply and installation of all types of pipework