The treatment of water in building services systems is essential for the avoidance of corrosion, scale, fouling and microbiological fouling. These problems can cause energy wastage, poor system performance, and can result in the need for early replacement of plant components. Bacterial growth can result in sludge formation and can increase the risk of Legionnaires’ disease or other health problems.

We-Fix offer Water Treatment Equipment Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services.

We understand that water efficient buildings require smart specification and configuration of water treatment technologies and products.

At We-Fix we specialise in supporting water treatment companies with installing and maintaining key water treatment equipment which includes pipework, water meters, isolation valves, Keraflo valves in cold water storage tanks, RPZ Valves, cold water booster pumps, circulation pumps, CAT 5 break tanks, side stream filtration, chemical dosing units, chemical free systems, water softeners, UV lights, water heaters and calorifiers.

  • Pipework & Infrastructure:
    • Steel, stainless-steel, copper, plastic
    • Cooling Tower Pipework Installations
    • Deadleg Removals
    • Water Meters
    • Valves:
      • Isolation, Gate, Double Check, Keraflo
    • Strainers
    • Pumps
      • Cold Water Booster, Circulation
    • Expansion Vessels and Accumulator Replacements
  • Treatment:
    • UV Lights
    • Water Softeners
    • Water Heaters
    • Calorifier Servicing
    • Closed System Flushing
    • Side Stream Filtration:
      • X-Pot, Amazon Filters, Enwa, Boiler Mag
    • Electro Magnetic Water Conditioners - Hydro Mag
    • Chemical Dosing:
      • Units - ENDOSAN
      • Enclosures and GRP Cabinets
      • Pots
    • Corrosion Monitors - Risycor
    • Chemical Free - Elysator, +Protector and Purotap